Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey extravaganza!

With Thanksgiving being Thursday and me deciding to cook a 20pd turkey for four people, I had a LOT of leftovers, and I mean A LOT. So I have been trying to think up different ways to use up that turkey, so tonight I made turkey and potato croquettes!

I just took some left over turkey and left over cheese and bacon mashed potatoes and mixed them together and formed them into balls. I took those and rolled them in egg and then into a flour and panko mixture which I had seasoned with salt,pepper,onion and garlic powder and then I pan fried them in just a little of oil and DONE. It was really fast and pretty darn good, even the picky husband ate it!

I think I will be making gingerbread cookies this week too because the husband has been asking for them recently, I made a smaller batch of them a week ago but they all got eaten up.

I hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving! :-)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Plus Size art

As i've mentioned, not only am I plus size girl myself but I am an artist and I very much love to draw full figured characters. I won't share much of my art on here but here is one of my projects.

This drawing was inspired by Miss Piggy, one of my favorite characters of all times. I just thought it was a fun little image to draw. I drew it, inked it and than scanned it into PhotoShop for coloring.



I love OOTD's so I thought I would post my own! Excuse the bad coloring, it was taken with my phone and
due to the lighting everything went all orange. :-( Lol and of course excuse the soda boxes, I was taking the trash out. 

Shrug - Fashion Bug

Purple Cami - Old Navy

Jeggings - Avenue

Boots - Avenue

I have actually been wearing this outfit quite a bit, I think it looks pretty nice and it's very comfortable. Those boots are one of my absolute favorite things this winter!

Here is a link to the boots if anyone is interested:

New to bloggin!

Hello to anyone that is reading this!

    I don't know how often I will be updating this site, I mainly made it just so I could be apart of the curvy community and talk to other curvy fashion bloggers. There isn't much to say really about me, i'm a wife and an art student and I love fashion :-)